Thursday, November 24, 2011, 4:25 AM

Hi izza hereeee updating my beloved bf's blog.
Hmm, he doesnt know la basically that im updating his blog.
Ok lets start. This holiday, im pretty sure that we are going to have fun.
So you see, we're working tgt. So bile keje tu doesnt let us be tgt kiteh paitau.
Tahu uh mcm siak tapi so what we wanna be tgt. Heh heh
We did argue but well we tak broke up. You mad bro? Hehehe.
I sayang die okay. Eee miangnye. Ok who cares anyway. Baby i ade stalker tak?
Ive loads of pic to upload, pictures of us. But keadaan tk mengizinkan because......
I tgh pakai itouch. Le sigh.
Nevermind next time okay.
So besok i keje lagi, saturday too. Oklah, everyday i keje.
Zzzz penat tau. Lg bf tgh sakit skrg. Alahai, sleep early okey tayang.
Hmmp, next month kite nak pergi shopping! Alahai tk sabar nye. Da set date lagy. Kite nak py shopping on the 12. I cnt wait nak beli barang makeup smue. Smue mcm danak mampos. Minyak wangi pon da lame mampussssssss ):
Ok, lepas tu we're going uss with fad, kak sirin and the rest i guess. If tk jadi, prolly we just go just the both of us. Tak sabar for all that la!
Hmmp, ape lg eh. Uh, i hope bf pass his N. so he dpt naik sec 5. I pun rase im gonna retain.
So dapat amek o lvl tgt!!! See, kite forever nak tgt.
Beh misalnye he tak dapat naik, we both nak take private tgt.
I also know i tak buat quite well for my O. So tknak lah confident sgt.
I mendak ni. Tak sabar nak meet bf tmr. Padahal hari hari jumpe. Erm, ok la. Till here je okay. I nak tweet uh.

Friday, October 28, 2011, 7:29 PM

happy halloween guys .
so today isnt a great day for me right from the start .
late for prac , get scolded blablabla .
its really hard to please people nowadays , come abit late also wanna scold .
pathetic much '-.-

tp just next week .
darn im excited for it , but yea at the same time im kinda afraid .
but yea , must have confidence .

came back from prac there this fcuking auntie .
comeon this place is crowded and yet ur pushing people .
2 words for you , FUCK YOU !
yadayada , reached home .
texted girlfriend and just got an ' ok' reply .
wouldnt say much .
went facebook , saw that she deleted me off .
so like yea , it happpened again .
its okay then .
like i say , i wouldnt want to start a fight here , so i shall just keep quiet .
sad much being deleted from ur own girlfriend huh , but its okay .

currently just sitting down .
maybe wanna sit down near my area taking in fresh air maybe ?
haish , till here i guess .

Sunday, October 23, 2011, 2:50 AM

like yea , just got home .
charging phone and im out .
i charged my phone cause i wanted to text u .
if i wouldnt care i'll just ignore and let my hp batt die off .
so please dont say i dont care .

currently , listening to sober .
life has been upsy-turby for me .
happy for a moment , angry and sad at the next .
trying to push away all this negative thoughts , all this things thts happening now .
like once i told u , i'll give and take .
its okay for me to take all the blame as long as ur happy .
im really trying my best to hold onto us .
i love u thts why i make the effort to make u feel happy .
but hey , i dont mind being cursed , being called names , being teased cause im used to all this .
its nt a new thing in my life anyways .
i still remember wht mr fresha dzul taught me , patience is a virtue .
and what mr black told me , let others do to us and not us do to others .
hey guys , thanks for all those quotations , in difficult times , this are the things that i should apply to my life .

im sorry im not a perfect guy fr u .
im sorry my imperfections are the cause of this .
u called me a liar everything .
but hey , im still standing strong .
im not gonna let what u said pull me down cause i knw ive been true to u and myself .
sometimes i just taught u just wont need me in ur life anymore .
maybe what u look at me now is tht im just a piece of rubbish to u ?
i dont knw bout tht .
uve been asking for break-ups , but yea u should knw my ans .
if u wanna let me go , u gotta try harder .
cause my love is strong .

hais , till here .
i just cant type no more .

Friday, September 30, 2011, 7:40 PM

breezy morning .
looked out of the window , wishing to the skies that today would be a great day .
but too bad that wish just didn't happen .
gosh , am so sleepy .
just had a few hours of sleeping .
i really had a bad night actually .
i became a cry baby last night .
haa , pathetic right ?
i know .

i tried to think the positive side of all this but naah , it just wont happen .
it just shattered into dust .
like seriously .
the things u said to me , the things u confessed to me .
haish , its all the small little words that hurt me deeply .
i dont wanna blame u , no intentions too .
but is it fair , u've been pushing all the blames on me ?
do u even see how i feel when u said all this ?
i bet u dont .
i tried understanding u , but do u understand me ?
i guess not .
haish .
im used to people not understanding me anymore .
i guess i should stop sulking it up and try to cheer myself .
im just nothing to u people out there .
so i guess im gonna accept it.

gonna wipe off my tears and head out now i guess . takecare peeps :'D


Monday, September 26, 2011, 1:34 AM

baby ,
maybe i just write what i wanna tell you here ?
hmm , yea i know this past few days have been a rough one for us .
alot of misunderstandings , problems etc .
but hey , we did stand up strong facing all this didnt we ?
am proud of us . eventhough the biggest of problems we faced it .

hey , i know u have this feeling of loss in trust in me .
its okay .
i truly understand
i know its hard for me to get back that feeling but yea , im gonna try to get back that feeling .
i know my past haunts u and hurts u in one way or another .
but i told u im trying to change back .
i know maybe u wouldnt want to believe me in this , but cant u see the difference in me now and back then ?
hais .
i love u izza .
ur the one that i really and truly love .
believe it or not , yes u are the one that i wanna be with now and forever .

Saturday, September 24, 2011, 2:57 AM

currently sitting down wiping all my teardrops .
like yeayy the feeling of crying when having a sore eyes is really hurtful .
my eyes are frigging red now .
rub my eyes just now and saw just a bit of red dots on my hand .
scared much .
luckily now no more .
fuuuhhhh !

like yea , been so down since just now
been accused for the wrong things .
haish , this is life .
its okay if u wanna accuse me for this things .
i know it aint true so yea .

shall go out in awhile ,
head to the place where i use to cool myself down .
idk if tht place is still alive cause ive not been there for a year plus .
but nonetheless , i wanna go out and get some fresh air .
haish ,


Saturday, September 17, 2011, 10:01 PM

ehy hie !
so updating my blog now i guess .
okay , days has been so down for me lately .
gosh ,
i dnt wanna elaborate more
i promised u i wont think bout it means i wont think bout it .
im dead serious bout this .
what u said , everything .
gosh , its slicing my heart bit-by-bit .
it feels as though someone's stabbing right at the spot .
ive been crying since just now .
sucha cry baby am i ?
but who cares ?
im like this , no one could change me
i'd cry easily cause of certain stuffs that i hold dearly .
today shall be a short post . tc bloggers


He's dha guy,

Fahres , 17 .
Easy-going .
Friendly , of cause , plus irritating .
Currently attached to this sweet human being .
Loved her truckloads .
Izza baby , you're my one and only .
May we stand till the very end love .

I know you wanna say it,


I don't forget to remember my own pasts